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About Collectish

Collectish is a service that has been developed by Museum Victoria, the largest public museums organisation in Australia. Collectish helps you to organise your collections, share them with others and explore the private collections of the world. And it’s completely free!


Collectish enables you to keep track of your items. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to organise whatever you collect just the way you want to. You can describe your items quickly and simply, or (if you prefer) you can use lots of structure and terminology like a Museum curator.

We're working on lots of different ways for you to document your things with text, images, audio and video; we're creating tools that will make it really easy for you to import, sort, export and report from your browser or PC.


Collectish enables you to show off your collections to others, or keep them to yourself. We're working on ways that will make it easy for you to show your items in many other places as well.

Collectish enables you to tell people not just about your collections but also about you the collector – what you collect and why.


Collectish lets you explore the private collections of the world. Collectish can also help you to explore more about your own collections; it will look at what you collect and then suggest things from other places that you might also be interested in.

We are building pages that will allow you to to explore other collectors’ items in a variety of interesting and engaging ways. And we are building in ways for Collectish to enhance information about your collection with knowledge and professional expertise from around the world.

Whatever you collect

At some time in our lives, many of us have visited a museum, gallery, herbarium or library. These places are filled with artefacts and specimens that have been carefully preserved, catalogued and described. We can walk through rooms and admire these things; we can learn about them by reading labels and catalogues, talking to the curators or browsing through online collection databases.

However some interesting or beautiful or precious things cannot be found in a museum cabinet or hung on a gallery wall. Some things in the world – most things – are stuffed into old shoeboxes in dark cupboards, stuck to refrigerator doors, secured in safety deposit boxes, lost behind couch cushions, stashed in secret places, sitting on bookshelves, planted in the garden or proudly displayed on the mantelpiece.

Almost everyone in the world is a collector. Some may not think of themselves that way, but it’s true. Some collect coins; some collect plants; some collect old cars or cooking pots, stones or chairs, art or bus tickets. Many things are collected to be used, many to be simply admired. Some collect a few things and some fill houses.

We want to uncover these hidden collections of the world.


Yup. Free as a bird. Please use it – it is for you.

The Development Team

Production & creative concept:
Forbes Hawkins
Site design:
Forbes Hawkins
Frank Radocaj
Graphic Design:
Frank Radocaj
David Bleja
Diego DeNicola
Nicole Stewart
Technical development:
Frank Radocaj with
Michael Mason
Forbes Hawkins
Thanks to:
Jonny Brownbill
David Methven
Tim Hart